Why put up with a dinky sound system in your car you’d never tolerate in your home? Your car is the last best place on the entire planet to enjoy your music. But, factory stereo systems in even the most expensive cars leave much to be desired. For instance, many are programmed with compromised equalization curves (EO) to compensate for the system’s anemic power potential (watts). This reduces the level of base you hear from the speakers.

Moreover, the speakers are all located at different distances from you. Without proper adjustments, the sound arrives to your ears at different intervals of time. Instead of harmony, you get disharmony. Music disharmony is known to leave one’s brain muddled and can cause your dog and mother-in-law to howl in unison from the bewildering, unsettling music experience.

A TIPS kick-ass car stereo installation solution will bring the music experience to your car that you’re accustomed to enjoying in your home – potent speakers, improved audio and bass you can feel – not to mention other options, like video, navigation and Bluetooth wireless capability.

Regardless of your budget, TIPS has an installation solution for you.

Your car stereo enhancement solution can be as simple as upgrading to a primo set of aftermarket speakers and amp. The low-quality stuff that usually comes with the car is often incapable of delivering the sound you expect. This simple upgrade alone can make a huge difference in your system’s sound quality.

Though we have our distinct preferences for certain car audio brands, we don’t do car audio system sales. Quite frankly, we don’t want to compete with the killer prices you can get from volume online retailers like Crutchfield. We’d be out of business in no time if we tried. Moreover, you have a plethora of outstanding brands on the market from which to choose. If we tried to inventory even a fraction of the quality brands available, we’d be out of business in no time.

Rather, we add value to your car audio system purchase by offering unparalleled installation services. We do this on a BYOE basis – Bring Your Own Equipment. We install all brands. If you need guidance on what gear will work best in your vehicle, stop in and let’s discuss. We’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction.

Here are a list of car stereo enhancements to consider while plotting your strategy to upgrade your system:

Performance features:

  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Crossovers
  • Amplifier
  • DVD or CD Receiver
  • Video screen


  • Bluetooth
  • Remote control
  • Zone operation
  • Navigation system
  • Satellite Radio
  • USB Port

Safety features:

  • Rear view safety camera
  • Garage door and security gate operation

Shop at least three vendors to compare prices and warranties. You might want an extended warranty for a major investment. Then, come to TIPS for an installation that’s guaranteed to deliver the maximum music experience your new purchase can offer.

Our passion for delivering a world-class car stereo installation for your enhanced music experience extends to the cables we use. We use top-notch, industrial-strength power and patch cables. We want current to flow freely throughout your system. When the current flows freely, your amp gets the power it needs when you crank it up. Superior patch cables will insulate your stereo system from the noise produced by your car’s electrical system. So, what you hear from your speakers is a more intense, detailed and nuanced sound.

TIPS offers complete car stereo installation solutions for customers that come mainly from the West Atlanta and Riverside communities.