TIPS Auto Detailing Services in West Atlanta-Riverside


There’s auto detailing and there’s Auto Detailing. Before you drop your hard-earned ducats on auto detailing, know what to expect from a professional auto detailing service. That’s the best way to avoid getting the old short shrift.

Wikipedia says “auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.”

That’s precisely what you must expect at TIPS auto detailing services – a show-quality level of cleaning, restoration and finishing of your vehicle, both inside and out.

True, some unenlightened hobbits would rather drink battery acid than get their cars detailed. These misguided souls stay in our prayers. But, the vast majority of motorists ‘fess up. They feel happier and good about life from just getting their cars washed.

Imagine the joy and good cheer you’ll radiate from getting your vehicle detailed the TIPS way. That’s because TIPS auto detailing makes a powerful statement about your unimpeachable discernment. TIPS detailing says in no uncertain terms you rule your domain in complete control of your destiny; that you thrive on the speed-bumps in life that make lesser mortals lose their pee; that you are a winner. Who in the heck even wants to be in the same room with losers?

Besides the win you get, a TIPS auto detailing is a win for your vehicle. Keeping your car in TIPS Condition retains a heck of a lot more of its resale value.

Here’s the TIPS process when detailing your vehicle:

  • Exterior detailing: Detailing your car exterior is a three-step process that cleans, corrects and protects. First, we wash and dry your car to remove dirt and grime. Second, we use the best quality claybar to remove contaminants in the clear coat, such as pollutants, particles and tar. Third, we’ll polish the paint to remove scratches, if needed. Then, we apply wax to seal the paint and make it shine.
  • Chassis and Wheels: We clean, correct and protect the undercarriage and chassis as integral parts of your car’s exterior. This includes directly under the car and inside the wheel wells. We dress the plastic splash guards and inner fender liners with a plastic protectant. We thoroughly wash the wheels and tires before applying a protectant to enhance the luster and protect against corrosion and cracking.
  • Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim: Headlights and taillights often show signs of oxidation. We’re not like many of our competitors that just apply a polishing compound to make the oxidation disappear and be done with it. We seal the polishing compound as a critical final step. We thoroughly clean all chrome trim and dress vinyl or plastic trim with a protectant to resist against cracking and fading. We’re such fussbudgets about detailing your vehicle, we even clean and polish your chrome exhaust tips.
  • Interior detailing: We tackle your car interior with that glassy-eyed madness you see in NFL linebackers sacking the opposing quarterback. We steam-clean all carpeting and seating surfaces, ferreting deep into the nooks and crannies to root out the built-up goop and taco crumbs. If yours is leather seating, we condition the leather after cleaning. Then, we clean and properly dress all plastics and vinyl. When we’re done with the passenger area of your car, we do the same to your trunk.
  • Engine Bay: Many of our competitors give the engine bay the short shrift because nobody looks under the hood to see if the engine is clean. We don’t tolerate that nonsense at TIPS. Your engine and related components are critical parts of auto detailing and we treat them as such. We start by gently misting the engine bay with water before cleaning with a degreaser and rinsing clean. When dry, we use the same care in dressing the silicone, plastic and rubber components under the hood as for the visible parts of your vehicle to protect against cracking.

When you retrieve your vehicle, evaluate our work against the textbook definition of auto detailing:

“auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.”

TIPS offers complete auto detailing solutions for customers that come mainly from the West Atlanta and Riverside communities.