TIPS Auto Window Tinting in West Atlanta-Riverside

They don’t call where we live the Sun Belt for nothing. We’re blessed with an abundance of sunshine. Fact: Atlanta enjoys an average of 60 percent of the year under the sun. That’s 218 days of sunshine each year. But, too much of the sun has big-time downsides. The sun can impair your vision while driving. The sun can destroy the interior of your vehicle.

That’s why it’s just plain simple common sense to have TIPS tint your vehicle’s windows.

Blinded by the Light

Though rarely reported, thousands are killed each year in road accidents whose main cause is sun glare. It’s a road hazard, a real danger, that gets scant attention because it’s not rain, fog, or snow. Given that 90 percent of the information you need to drive your vehicle safely comes through your eyeballs, the sun is the poster child for visual impairment. And, when the sun turns your vehicle into a lethal weapon on the road, don’t even think about copping a plea you were Blinded by the Light. It won’t work. The plaintiff’s lawyer will be over you like a cheap suit, regardless.

TIPS window tinting significantly enhances your ability to acquire the visual information you need to drive your vehicle safely. Tinting protects your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light. With tinted windows, you can’t get nailed for driving poorly for no other fault but your own.

Be Cool

All window tints are not equal. Selecting the right window tint can reduce the heat inside your car during Atlanta’s sizzling hot summer months by up to 60%. Window tints in general filter some amount of the sun’s thermal rays that increase your vehicle’s interior heat. Spectrum-selective tint lets certain solar wavelengths pass through that create natural light while filtering out the solar wavelengths that create heat.

At TIPS window tinting, you choose the heat filtering properties that meet your preference by tint film type, shade and quality. If you’re on a budget, TIPS’ lowest solar heat filtering film rejects about 40 percent of heat. If you want maximum in heat blocking protection, we’ll tint your vehicle with film that blocks 70 percent of the sun’s thermal energy.

The good news is maximum protection from sun’s heat energy does not mean going full dark. The Georgia Window Tint Law says you can’t go full dark anyhow. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for a vehicle can be no less than 32%. This is applies to the front and side windows of a van, truck, or SUV. The rear window is not subject to a VLT limit.

We can meet your heat blocking goals within a broad range of tint shades and within the constraints of the Georgia Tint Law. If you are not sure of what you need, let’s talk. We’ll help you determine your goals and the tint that meets those goals.

Interior Protection

Interior car temperatures climb to deadly levels during the summer. When temperatures are 80 degrees outside, your vehicle’s interior can climb to 120 to 130 degrees in less than a half hour. These extreme temperatures are lethal not for just you and your pets. The sun’s heat and UV rays will make your car interior warp, fade and crack in just a few short years.

Professionally installed TIPS window tint prevents your vehicle’s interior from heating up to the point where the sun’s heat can do serious damage. Window tint from TIPS can also block up to 90 percent of dangerous UV rays from entering your vehicle’s interior. This is important because UV rays can do as much damage, or more, to your vehicle’s interior as the sun’s heat.

Protect Your Stuff With World-Class Privacy

Let’s be candid, as terrific as Atlanta is as a place to live, Atlanta is also home to more than its fair share of thieving jackasses. These relentless buzzards stay on the case 24/7. Drop your guard for a nano-second; you risk getting your stuff jacked.

Unfortunately, life is full of distractions. Distractions make being on guard all the time damn near impossible. Thieves always take inventory of your stuff while your attention is focused on other issues.

TIPS window tint greatly enhances the security of your vehicle from prying eyes. Window tint helps protect what’s inside your vehicle regardless of where you or your mind happen to be. No more worrying because you forgot to stash your valuables out of sight before leaving your vehicle. If they can’t see inside of your vehicle, burglars are less likely to break-in. They’ll most likely move on to another vehicle that’s inviting a burglary because of its great interior visibility.

A Broad Range of Tint Options

TIPS provides several tint options to manage the sun’s behavior that’s most annoying to you:

  • Reflectives: copper and shiny aluminum.
  • Reflective Neutrals: gray to gray black.
  • Dual Reflective: for better night vision, but less reflective on the inside than the outside.
  • Non-Reflectives: that have a significant level of color added, which tend to fade within 1-5 years.
  • Spectral Select: powerful filters to block infra-red heat light while allowing more visible light into the interior.

TIPS offers complete auto window tinting solutions for customers that come mainly from the West Atlanta and Riverside communities.