Give Your Car Some Love During National Car Care Month TIPS' Car Care Tips for April

Winter is rapidly fading into history with the promise of better overall weather on the horizon. That’s why the Car Care Council designates April as National Car Care Month. It’s time to give your car some love and take care of issues you may have been neglected during winter.

Schedule an appointment at TIPS to have your vehicle serviced during National Car Care Month. We want your car in peak condition and roadworthy before you hit the road for family reunions or that well-deserved vacation.

Let TIPS give your car a thorough inspection to find any components in need of servicing or replacement. Our springtime car care inspection includes:

  1. Check Batteries, Plugs & Wires: These components work doubly hard during cold weather to fire up your engine. Winter stress can reduce performance up to 60 percent. We’ll test the strength of your battery and the condition of the plugs and wires. Vehicles more than three years old may be due for replacing some of these components. It’s better to tend to these issues now and a lot cheaper than being stuck on the freeway waiting for a tow.
  2. Check Tire Pressure: Cold weather reduces tire pressure. Low tire pressure increases tire wear. We’ll make sure all your tires, including the spare, are properly inflated and balanced.
  3. Check Belts and hoses: We’ll inspect and replace worn or cracked belts, as well as hoses that are blistered, brittle or too soft. Even when belts and hoses seem okay from a visual inspection, they might need to be replaced if they’re older than five years.
  4. Inspect Brake System: Winter driving, even in the sunbelt, can do a number on your brake system when temperatures fall below freezing. We’ll inspect your brake system, including lines, hoses, brake fluid level and parking brake. A simple change of brake pads can end your angst about braking and brake safety.
  5. Check Suspension & Wheel Alignment: Many a vehicle’s shocks and struts have met their demise from bottomless potholes, which always appear out of nowhere. We’ll inspect the vehicle suspension for wear and leaks that can cause major issues down the road. We’ll also inspect to make sure your wheels are properly aligned and agree with the direction you’re pointing.
  6. Check Fluid Levels: We’ll check your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant, even windshield washer fluid. A routine brake fluid flush can work wonders for your sluggish brakes, getting them as responsive as when they were new. Because a brake flush is recommended once a year, National Car Care Month is an ideal time to get it done.
  7. Check Engine Air filter: We routinely change out the engine filter during any oil, brake or transmission fluid change. If you’re due for a change of any of your fluids, a new engine filter comes with the package.
  8. Check Windshield Wipers: We’ll check the wipers for wear and cracks and replace them if necessary. We check your wipers each spring and fall.
  9. TIPS World Class Auto Detailing: Let’s get serious for a moment. You celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t you? Why would you not show the ultimate in love for your car during National Car Care Month after all it does for you? Give your car the experience of a TIPS world class auto detailing? We’ll give your car a show-quality level of cleaning, restoration and finishing both inside and out. Not only will your car look and feel better, research proves you too will feel happier and joyous about life from getting a TIPS World Class Auto Detailing.


Spring Driving Can Be Dangerous

Here’s an added caution for springtime driving people often forget; spring driving can be downright dangerous.

Spring brings rain, flooding and slippery road conditions. Slippery roads impair your ability to control your car. You need up to 4 times the normal distance to bring your car to a stop. Big puddles reduce tire traction and could lead to hydroplaning. Keep your wits about you when driving in wet weather. The Federal Highway Administration said rain caused 46 percent of all weather-related crashes from 2002 to 2012. Wet pavement accounted for 74 percent of weather-related crashes.

Children and Cycling Activity

Spring and summer also bring children and cyclists out of hibernation. Be on constant look out for children. They can dart into the street without notice. Driving alongside bicyclists and motorcyclists can make traffic maneuvers more dangerous, especially when turning right to parallel park.

Wildlife Activity

God’s critters get very active during the spring. Some are just coming out from hibernation. Others are on the prowl because it’s mating season. Deer are quite active at dawn and dusk. God’s critters do not read or care much about road signs as they cross streets and carouse about. Keep your wits about you and be extremely alert when driving in wilderness areas.

Wet road conditions, children, cyclists and animals can make for unpleasant surprises when driving in warm-weather months. Stay alert at all times. Be prepared for the unexpected at all times.